Saturday, March 3, 2012

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  1. If Damon did something immoral or something that should be brought to light it would have been brought to light. People don't see eye to eye all the time in churches. That doesn't mean what people like you always sit on the outside assume, even though they clearly said non of those things have happened. So why are u so concerned about it? I've spent years with both ministries and still firmly believe in them both. That's coming from someone who knows both parties. But I bet you still will enjoy speculating on zero actual information.if you don't like Damon or his approach that's fine and I get it. But this Blog and video you have made just shows how bored you are and could have been summed up in one sentence "Damon's not at the ramp anymore" without all the sarcastic faces in the video. I don't agree with everything that anyone believes in, Karen or Damon, but they both love God and their ministries are just going in different specific directions.